Classic Car Investments

With the rise and fall of stockmarkets  a constant gamble in todays unstable climate with spiralling  costs of oil , war zones , political unrest around the world , people are looking for a secure way to  invest there capital . Gold , Diamonds will always be a secure , stable way to invest in times of a credit crunch, ( stable and secure ) but not much profit unless you are prepared to invest on a large scale. And lets face it very few of us are lucky enough to do this.   So how about your wanting to change your car , but dont want to lose money on depreciation on  your brand new audi , mercedes or bmw . Well how about changing your car for something that will earn you money and only go up in value , while you get to enjoy the looks and style of a classic Jaguar XJS or  Mercedes SL500.   Classic cars are proving to be a major talking point throughout the financial world as they are bucking  the trend of current investments and there prices are soaring.   So-called “passion assets” collected by wealthy individuals outperformed the global stock market between the start of 2005 and the middle of last year, according to research by Coutts, the private bank that counts the Queen as one of its clients. Classic cars were the best- performing alternative investment, returning 257pc in the seven-and-a-half-year period, while the value of classic watches surged 176pc and jewellery jumped 146pc. Coutts, which has created an Objects of Desire index, stripped out the impact of foreign exchange movements by calculating the return of investments in the currencies in which the assets are normally bought and sold. Standardised in US dollars, the index had gained 82pc since the beginning of 2005, compared with a 53pc rise in the global MSCI All-Country stock market index, the bank said. You dont have to be extremely wealthy to start investing in classic cars , you can start with a budget , which get you a very basic but modern family hatchback , which all seem to look the same or you  could be driving an alfa 1600 gtv , mini cooper . i know which car i would rather be in , and knowing  the fact that my investment is increasing in value by the month , rather than decreasing.   The car warehouse in middlesbrough cleveland are now stocking classic cars and modern classics of the 60's 70's 80's 90's and 2000's , We stock affordable collectable classic and retro quirky promotion vehicles , Many of these vehicles we source are of limited numbers and editions  We have been serving the motor trade and public vehicles since 1991 and established as the car warehouse since 1997 , Most and almost all of our classic or quirky cars and motorhomes are imported from various hot country's , This is because we can source finer vehicles more often lower mileage and rust free , take a look at our website , come down see us or even pick up the phone and speak to Keith or Lee , Both will be able to help choose or find a vehicle to suit . We can even find a car to import for you , Try us you will be surprised on what we can do ...   We can arrange your finance and warranty for both Uk and Imported cars , we can guide you in the correct direction for imported vehicle insurance , and classic car insurance ..   You can join us on Facebook and Twitter if you would like to stay carwarehoused !!!
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